Attract True Love
$ 88.00

Clarify and amplify your intentions with Soul Journey's Purest Energy Bracelet!

Rose Quartz is the gemstone of love and friendship. Also known to restore trust and balance harmony in relationships with friends or lovers. It can help open the heart chakra to encourage self love and feelings of peace. Also a wonderful stone to give to someone who may have be going through grief.

Soul Journey specializes in the spiritual power of gemstones to improve your life as well as your look! These boho bracelets have a medley of jewels that work together to provide a complete embodiment of positive juju! Live life with a positive energy and embark on your amazing soul journey!

12mm faceted Rose Quartz with a 12mm rose gold plated fuchsia micro pave cz bead, hand-knotted in nylon thread. Bracelet is adjustable 7-9". Pinch either side of spiral closure and bracelet will open. To close pull beaded dangles away from each other.

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