Balance, Harmony & Peace
$ 128.00

Soul Journey's newest necklace is called Presence. It symbolizes the presence of the gemstone energy of your life and what you want to attract. Wear with confidence then set your intention, believe and look for signs that your heart's desires are here in your life!

Smoky Topaz is an wonderful stone to help ground you, bringing emotional calmness. This beautiful, translucent stone is also thought to lift feelings of depression and negativity, and help you to start manifest your dreams!

 Live in harmony with life! Amethyst is known for it's peaceful energies.This beautiful faceted purple stone is also known to help overcome addictions. Wear it when you need a reminder of the new path you have chosen!

16" with 2" extender.

Sterling Silver Chain and Pendant Bezel.

Smoky Topaz Pendant with 4mm Amethyst stones.