Soul Journey Bestseller Bundle
Retail  $ 234.00
Deal  $ 98.00

Experience the best of Soul Journey Jewelry with these specially priced bracelets!

Inspire Trust: Beautiful blue Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind. It encourages intuition, inspires truth and self-acceptance.

Let Go & Heal: This too shall pass! Gently accelerate the process of letting go with Botswana Agate. This multicolored stone has the positive aura to help you let go of heartbreak, grudges, and resentments and helps you to move forward!

Positive Energy: Crystal Quartz is a master healer and believed to be one of the most powerful stones, amplifying positive energy. It is said that quartz is a soul cleanser and can enhance psychic abilities! 

Soul Journey... spiritual tools, created with love, in harmony with nature, to assist you in reaching your heart's desires.

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