Healing and discovery

Soul Journey Jewelry is a unique divinely inspired merger of true soul creations and meticulously elaborate design details.

Every piece is hand-crafted out of only the finest materials. Our gemstones are charged with a specific energy and intention. Our stones radiate an aura of sophistication and spiritual balance. Gemstones have been used to harness and redirect the energy since ancient times. We take pride in knowing that we only use the highest quality materials that uphold the highest standard. 

Each piece of jewelry is aligned with the energy that creates worlds and has the potential to grant unlimited wishes. Feel the energy of each piece as it courses through you, inspiring you not only to find that limitless place within yourself but to truly align with the energy of all creation.

The creative designer of each and every piece here at Soul Journey Jewelry is Jill Boylan. Jill has graced the market with her exquisite line of breathtaking and awe inspiring creations that embody an elegant, bohemian , spiritual style.

Each piece is a unique creation that can be worn as a stunning accessory or used as a spiritual tool in meditation and spiritual development.

It is Jill's deepest wish that these beautiful gemstones will assist you in finding peace, happiness, love, joy, health, and abundance.


Jill Boylan lives and creates her designs in Calabasas, California where she lives with her husband, teenage son and 2 dogs.

Her inspiration for Soul Journey comes from the flora, fauna and infinite possibility of Southern California with roots in the Pacific Northwest where she grew up. As a teenager, Jill channeled her creativity and design skills into a line of jewelry called People Beads which sold locally in the ultra hip Court C bead store. Jill later evolved her designs blending inspiration from her own mother’s style and 1970’s bohemia landscape of her childhood, creating a feeling of romantic modern jewelry. Contributing to her unique point of view are her experiences in traveling to India where her colorful stones come from, and her love of combining fanciful shapes and colors.

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