Welcome to Soul Journey Jewelry, a unique divinely inspired merger of true soul creations and meticulously elaborate design details!

Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted out of the finest materials and created with positive intention. Our gemstones are charged with specific energies and power. Our jewelry radiates an aura of sophistication and spiritual balance.

Gemstones have been used to harness and redirect energy since ancient times. We take pride in knowing that we only use the highest quality materials that uphold the highest standard.

The creative designer of every piece at Soul Journey Jewelry is Jill Boylan. Jill has graced the market with her exquisite line of breathtaking and inspiring creations that embody an elegant, bohemian, spiritual style since 2012.

Each piece is unique and can be worn as a lovely accessory, or used as a spiritual tool in meditation and spiritual development.

Jill's deepest wish that these beautiful gemstones will assist you in finding peace, happiness, love, joy, health, and abundance!

Soul Journey Jewelry is created with the purpose to help you focus and visualize your intention in order to manifest your dreams.

Properties attributed to the gemstones sold here are based on ancient folkloric traditions. The jewelry on this website is NOT intended to replace professional medical advice.